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Graduation Speech

These years of high school have been a challenge, but I was able to persevere, and now here I am graduating from Immaculate Heart of Mary School. I would like to thank all of my teachers who spent hours teaching me to help me become a better person and to help increase my knowledge in life.

First of all, I would like to thank my parents for bring me up properly […] in the Catholic Faith and always being there for me—to help me with my homework, to provide food, clothing, and a house to live in, as well as all the love and care they have given me all my life.

I would like to thank Father Charles DeMascola for giving our family financial aid to pay for my education as well as being our priest and pastor.

I would like to thank Father Smith for coming out all the way from Wisconsin to be our guest speaker for our graduation.

I would like to thank my teachers here at IHM: Miss Elizabeth Nadler, Mrs. Cohen, (especially for teaching me French), Sister Mary Perpetua, (who was very patient with me and taught me to be more mature and responsible), I would like to thank Sister Marie Philomena and Sister Mary Peter for all of their hard work in teaching me my high school curriculum, and all the hard work they put into their teaching each and every day.

I would like to thank Mrs. Bryan for lending me a guitar and teaching me how to play it.

I would like to thank Brother Andre Marie and Brother Louis Marie for teaching me how to grow up and act and think as a real man should as well as helping me in my faith through their prayers and good examples.

I would like to thank Father Phillipson for putting a lot of effort into helping me with my spiritual advice. Father helped me grow in my faith against numerous odds. He has helped my family with our needs, both spiritual and material, and has done a tremendously good job at being a good priest who cares about his spiritual children. He is a very kind, understanding, fatherly priest, and I pray that he continues to do well and serve our community with all his heart and strength.

I would like to thank Professor Brad Grinstead for all of his work that he put into his students, especially me. Professor has been helping me in my math and science, as well helping me by being my advisor in all things.

Most of all, this school has helped me to grow in knowledge, to help me keep the faith and to love God. It has helped me to change who I was into someone better and has helped me to be able to take my everyday pain and to become stronger. It has helped me to become responsible and taught me how to mature. I know after I graduate from here, my life will become much harder. But will I give up when it does? No! With the lessons I have learned from here I will go on trying even harder to improve myself and to do well in my college education, as well as in my spiritual life and relationship with Christ.

My immediate future plans include attending the College of Saint Mary Magdalen for two years in order to receive my Associates degree in Liberal Arts. I have currently already been accepted into the college and I hope to do well there. [Aiming for] my Associates degree, will not only teach me how to think critically, but it will also help me as I continue my education by giving me a well-balanced education and, therefore, will give me a better chance in being accepted into the college where I will spend 4-6 years in getting my Bachelor’s degree and, hopefully, with a little perseverance, my Master’s degree in Computer Science and Information. With this degree, I intend to find a well paying job so that, hopefully, I shall be able to buy a house and have a substantial enough income to follow my vocation in being a good Catholic father. I plan on raising my children in the Catholic Faith and taking care of my wife and kids in their needs. I have decided that this is what I am called to do and I plan on pursuing this vocation for the Glory and Honor of God. I pray that I may do my best everyday loving and serving God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, as well as loving my wife and children through Christ as He loved me and died on a cross to save my soul.

I want to say thank you to anyone else who I have not mentioned for helping me and praying for me. I hope that you will continue to pray for me so that I may do well in my education, my spiritual life, and my career life. I have never felt more at home then in this Community, here at Saint Benedict Center, and this school, Immaculate Heart of Mary School.

Thank you all and God Bless!

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