Dear Friends of IHM,

There are so many problems and evils in the world today it almost seems hopeless! When we find ourselves looking for a reason to keep going, we should be able to find much encouragement in looking at what we are actually doing in the light of the message of Fatima.

Our Blessed Mother promised that her Immaculate Heart would triumph. The one-hundredth anniversary of Fatima is just around the corner in 2017. We are feeling pressed by enemies of the Faith and punishments from God in many areas, including the economy. Here at IHM School, we are also feeling intensely pressured by both spiritual and material evils. Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, the "doctor" of True Devotion, gives ten points of practical wisdom for those who want to love the Eternal Wisdom (found in his book by that title). One of these points is: to be encouraged when — as we are doing good — we suffer opposition. The reason he gives is that this opposition is actually a sign that we are doing something that is pleasing to God.

So, if we are doing something that is pleasing to God, we certainly should not give up, no matter how hard it is. We should pray to Our Blessed Mother so that we will persevere in doing what would please her Son and console Him when He is so offended and hurt by what is happening in the world. A billboard I once saw years ago while driving into New Jersey proclaimed, "Don't give up! Give more!" And the fine print read, "To your favorite charity." Our first charity, our first love, needs to be to God through His Mother's Immaculate Heart. If, on the material plane, God gives us the opportunity to express this charity directly to another human being or through an institution, we should do this wholeheartedly as a "cheerful giver"! As I write this, I'm realizing that it is the feast of Saint Lawrence who is known, even in the liturgy, as being a cheerful giver.

"All things work together for the good of those who love God." Dear friend of IHM, you don't have to worry. Our Lady will take care of you if you just strive to stay close to Her and do your daily duty with all your heart. Don't be stingy with God and His Blessed Mother! Whatever sacrifice presents itself in the course of your daily duty or your heart's inspiration, do it. And quickly! Try it! Your guardian angel will be delighted — and so will you.

This is the month of the Immaculate Heart, the patronal title of our school; and we can all get special graces by calling on Her by this title every day this month. Keep it simple! Remember, you're talking to your Mother — not your executive.

We have one request of you, dear friend of IHM. That is that you pray one Hail Mary for Our Lady's school this month, asking Her to bless us both spiritually and materially. We are confident that, at your request, She will do just that. And, no matter how bad the economy or the spiritual state in our country becomes, we will be safe within Her Immaculate Heart.

For our part, we promise to pray for you specially this month and ask Our Lady to bless you, notably, with Her Holy Child!

In Her Immaculate Heart,

Sister Marie Therese, M.I.C.M.


and all of the Sisters, teachers, and families of IHM School

+++Sealed with a Hail Mary for your intentions+++

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