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Electronic Devices in Our Families

What is the most important thing in the world to you? Other than God and my Faith, my family is number one to me. If you think about it, families are what make or break us as a society; they are the building blocks that hold us up. And when they break or fall, so do the rest of us.

What is making the families break? I think it has a lot to do with electronic devices such as ipods, iphones, tablets, televisions, and the many other gadgets that so many people own. Don’t get me wrong- I don’t think that these devices alone are tearing us apart, but the addictive way people use them. They start to need the devices to function, and their minds get clogged up so they stop thinking straight. These people lose touch with reality; they stop seeing the people and things around them and get distracted from what matters in this life- family and the relationships we have with them and the rest of the world. They become selfish and start thinking only of what’s going on on their devices. I don’t need statistics to back me up- just take a look around! We see people ignoring each other or putting off relationships for more time with their TVs or the people online. Families are broken because the people in them are not working together.

Some social people might say that these devices are bringing us more together as a society; people are communicating more than they ever could before! Yes, this is true- people can talk over long distances and to many more individuals now. All this is good to a certain degree, but when people online start becoming more important than the people at home, it becomes anti-social because these people are wasting their time with strangers online rather than talking to the people who matter and are right there for them. I’m not saying that we should only talk to our families, or that we should talk to everyone around us on the streets! I’m saying that we should pay more attention to those who are important to us and not offend them by preferring strangers online.


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