When I first arrived on campus of the Immaculate Heart of Mary School in January of 2005, my intention was to hold a part time teaching position while investigating future options. Options that were going to be bigger. Options that were going to be better. Options that were clearly going to make a much bigger difference than my teaching at this school was going to make. The Immaculate Heart of Mary School was a temporary stomping ground meant only to provide a small wage while exploring what I was really meant to do. I can say with all certainty that while teaching math and science to what was once a classroom full of strangers, God certainly did help me find my future options. They were all there right in front of me. My future options were the students of IHM.

The mission of the Immaculat...

August 14, 2019

Nothing could be more distinctive of the age in which we live than the overpowering prominence of mathematics. All through the Catholic centuries, arithmetic and geometry constituted all the mathematics that an educated Christian was asked to learn. Even these two subjects were treated from a more contemplative point of view, which made them far more harmonious with other liberal studies. Arithmetic consisted in the study of the properties of numbers; geometry in the study of shapes and figures. When not overdone, and when counterbalanced by the proper correctives from the other types of knowledge, geometry and arithmetic, as they used to be taught, cultivated a few desirable virtues of the mind like clarity and precision, and sharpened the mind for the perception of harmony, rhythm, and p...

August 13, 2019

Repetitio est mater studiorum. This consecrated phrase is the basis for every effective teaching method there is. It means: Repetition is the mother of studies. At IHM, it is our secret of learning success. There are so many fun ways to "repeat" information that the students end up learning a surprising amount in an effortless process. Games abound in almost all of the subjects and grade levels.

We Sisters daily finish our teaching only to become students ourselves. And, this same method applies. For example, when we learn the chant for the propers of the Mass, we use the same principle of repetition. However, instead of playing games as we do with the students, we systematically  listen to a tiny portion of a new chant, repeat it, then learn the next tiny portion the same

way, and then we s...

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