January 6, 2017

Oliver won 2nd place in the district in the local VFW's Patriots Pen essay writing contest. Oliver wrote on the theme "The America I Believe In." His amazing insight and knowledge was incredible for a sixth grade student. Job well done, Oliver!

America should be believed in! But what do I mean by “believed”? Why should this beautiful country be believed in? And what does believing in my country mean for me as ten-year-old?

Well, to believe in your country means to love your country and people to the utmost because they are yours. This is patriotism. Take Claus von Stauffenberg, one of the courageous German leaders in Operation Valkyrie. A true patriot, Stauffenberg sensed the danger the Nazi government was putting his homeland in and tried to stop it. Unfortunately, Operation Valkyrie faile...

January 6, 2017

Gabriela Bosonetto participated and earned 1st place in the district and 4th in the state in the Voice of Democracy writing contest. The 2016-2017 theme was My Responsibility to America. You can read her essay below, but you can also enjoy the audio of her essay on the main site. Great job, Gabriela!

For more information on the contest please visit the VFW's Youth Scholarship website

What is my responsibility to America? We as a generation and as a people have many responsibilities to our country, such as supporting it, being loyal to it, and participating in the democracy that runs it. But although all of these things are very important, there is one responsibility that is largely ignored and overlooked by the general populace. That responsibility is gratitude. Gra...

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