April 13, 2012


In the Roman Martyrology for August 6, we read:

"At Alcala in Spain, the holy martyrs Justus and Pastor, brothers. While they were yet schoolboys, they threw aside their books in school, and spontaneously ran to martyrdom. By order of the governor Dacian, they were arrested, beaten with rods,


and as they exhorted each other to constancy, were led out of the city, and had their throats cut by the executioner."

I know plenty of students who would joyously throw aside their school books, but I don't know how many would then hasten to martyrdom! On the other hand, with school starting on Tuesday, students may feel that they are hastening to their books AND martyrdom. If they remember to say their morning offering, nothing of their sacrifice will get lost.

Morning Offering

O Jesus, through the Imm...

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