October 15, 2012


Dear Friends of IHM,

There are so many problems and evils in the world today it almost seems hopeless! When we find ourselves looking for a reason to keep going, we should be able to find much encouragement in looking at what we are actually doing in the light of the message of Fatima.


Our Blessed Mother promised that her Immaculate Heart would triumph. The one-hundredth anniversary of Fatima is just around the corner in 2017. We are feeling pressed by enemies of the Faith and punishments from God in many areas, including the economy. Here at IHM School, we are also feeling intensely pressured by both spiritual and material evils. Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, the "doctor" of True Devotion, gives ten points of practical wisdom for those who want to love the Eternal Wisdom (found in his bo...

February 11, 2012

 When I look at the beautiful children in our school, I see only two types of people: those who will become fathers and those who will become mothers. Not that they will all follow a married vocation!


Our poor unhappy world is desperately in need of fathers and mothers in every state in life. Since there are many articles, speeches and books written on the need for good fathers in our culture today, and I have so little time and space to write, I will limit myself to what I am more qualified by nature to address: the perfection of beauty in creation called "mother".

Perhaps because I am a woman and have a perspective unique to my gender, I am seeing, at every level of community and in every state in life, the desperate need for mothers. Here are a few thoughts for you, which I will jus...

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