June 24, 2017

Good afternoon Br. Andre, Professor Grinstead, Doctor Topping, Sister Mary Peter, Sister Maria Perpetua, Luke, teachers, Mum, Dad, friends, and guests. Thank you so much for being here this afternoon. I remember having a conversation with Sister Mary Joseph when I was in second grade. I was all worked up about today. I asked Sister what I was going to say in my graduation speech, and I think her answer was something like, “You have a long time to think about it; don’t worry.”

Well, here I am. The time is gone, the thinking is done, and the worrying about the why’s and how’s of my inescapable ten minutes at this podium is over. My goal now is to show my teachers, my classmates, and my family what eleven years at school and seventeen years at home have given me. What have they given me? What...

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